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2017 Hang Ten SEO Client Overview

Client: Fremont came on board at the start of 2017.  They needed SEO services for 13 of their car dealerships.   Hang Ten SEO partnered with Premier Online Marketing to provide monthly SEO services.

Main Goals: Review each website on a monthly basis to provide SEO guidance on how to improve performance.

Focused Locations: Wyoming and Nebraska

Methods Used: Backlinking, Local SEO Citation Building, Keyword Analysis and Targeting, Competitor Analysis.

Hosting Providers: Dealer Inspire,, Fastly

Content Management System: WordPress, Dealer Inspire,

Tools Used: SEOProfiler, Synup, SEOSiteCheckup, Moz Local, Upcity, WordPress

What Makes This Project Unique: Working on this project has a few difficulties due to having to work with multiple website providers.  Only one of the 13 websites monitored can actually physically be updated by Hang Ten SEO.  All the other websites require submitting change requests in order to have the SEO work performed.

Fremont Motor Company Background

The Fremont Motor Company is the largest dealership group in the state of Wyoming.

Their story begins back during the Great Depression, when Clyde Guschewsky purchased McRae Motor Company and Ford agency. Along with co-owner Blair Stouffer, the dealership was soon renamed the Fremont Motor Company. Over the course of the next 75 years, the dealer group would prosper and grow thanks to a genuine commitment to delivering “the best sales and service we can to the market,” according to Mr. Gushchewsky.

Eventually, the Fremont Motor Company was handed down to Clyde’s son and then his grandson, Chuck, who has continued to run, oversee, and grow the auto group through a wide range of acquisitions and a continuing commitment to delivering uncompromising customer service at every step of the way.