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Ever wonder how Google ranks a page, well this Google Page Rank InfoGraphic gives a pretty good walk through of how  Google ranks a page.

Here are the basics of How Google Works.

  • Google uses Web Spiders to craw an indexed page. When it comes across a link, it then follows the link and indexes that page.
  • For every page that Google Indexes, it evaluates based on a host of ranking factors.  Google looks at keywords, domain age, content, length, title tag, header tags and many other factors.  Eventually it comes up with a ranking for the page known as PageRank.  Google used to share this information, but has since stopped updating it.  Some people say that Google’s PageRank isn’t a factor any more and is dead.  Moz and other SEO companies have created their own ranking score called Page Authority and Domain Authority that give you an idea of what they think the Authority of the page and website are.
  • When someone performs a search, Google evaluates the request base on a host of internal questions and ranking factors and then provides a listing of URLs that Google has decide closely match your query.
How Google Works
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Google is always evolving their algorithm to not only get smarter about presenting their search results, but to also thwart people from gaining the system and abusing their search capabilities.