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As a SEO professional I use a lot of SEO tools to help me understand what keywords are performing and which ones might need a little attention to boost their performance.  In general, the organic search position of Page 2 and Page 3 keywords have the potential to become Page 1 keywords, which will help drive traffic to a website.


One SEO tool I will often employ is called SEMRush (, which has a very cool Domain Analytics –> Organic Research tool that allows you to see the ranking positions of keywords for any website.  Simply search on a website’s URL and out spits a listing of keywords with their ranking positions.

Below is my brother’s website ( using the SEMRush tool.  I started working on his website back in December of 2016 and as you can see by the graph the website traffic has more than doubled.

SEMRUSH Organic Research Ranking Positions Report


One technique I am using now is to look at page 2 and page 3 keyword rankings to see if anything stands out that I could create content for.

When you first run the Domain Analytics –> Organic Research –> Position report it will ask for a website domain name.

SEMRUSH Domain Analytics Organic Research Positions

Simply type in a website URL and click Search.

SEMRUSH Domain Analytics Organic Research Ranking Positions Report

The report will list total keywords, individual keywords, organic search positions, volume and so on.

When you’re dealing with a large number of keywords like the list above (total of 930 keywords), you can either export the list and filter the keywords in Excel or use SEMRush’s advanced filters to show only the keywords you are interested in.


SEMRUSH has Advanced filters that allow you to reduce the keyword list and only show keywords that matter to you.

When filtering down your list of keywords to review, you are looking to add filters to eliminate Page 1 ranking keywords and any keywords rank beyond page 3.  In addition it is usually useful to add a CPC (Cost Per Click) filter, a volume filter and a keyword difficulty filter.


  • Only Show keywords that are ranked between 10 and 31, which essentially means page 2 & page 3.
  • CPC: Cost Per Click is SEMRush’s estimate of how much a click would cost advertising wise for that particular keyword.
  • Volume: Is the estimated monthly search volume in Google.
  • KD or Keyword Difficulty: Is an estimate of how hard a particular keyword is for ranking purposes.  The higher the number, the harder it is estimated to rank for.
  • Number of Words: Helps rule out certain keywords that usually aren’t helpful.

Once the Advanced Filter has been applied, you should be left with a much smaller list of keywords to work from.

In this example we went from a keyword list of 960 keywords to 13 keywords.  These then are possible keywords that we could write content for to boost their potential ranking.

SEMRUSH Advanced Filtered Keyword List Page 2 & Page 3


After reviewing the list above I identified two keyword phrases that had the potential to be good candidates for page 1 ranking.

  •  4 things that happen right before a heart attack
  • what 4 things happen before a heart attack

Reviewing the keyword links takes you to the URL “

Are You Having Symptoms of A Heart Attack?

The article has several problems.  The images aren’t named correctly and the keywords I want to improve rankings for aren’t prominent keywords in the article.

That said, updating the article can really improve it’s ranking because the material will be fresh.  Adding more internal links and adding new content can boost it’s ability to rank better.

While I was reviewing these keywords, a better and probably more pertinent idea came to mind.  Create a brand new article that would become a hub.

The hub article would revolve around the keyword phrase “4 signs You Are Having A Heart Attack”.  The signals or signs of a heart attack include

  • Chest pain
  • Shortness Of Breath
  • indigestion or Heartburn
  • Nausea and vomiting

Each of these keywords would then have their own associated pages.

4 Signs You Are Having A Heart Attack

I have done this before and it really works wonders for getting ranked.

Let me know how you’re ranking website keywords and methods you are using to boost results.