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About 8 years ago Google launched a website creation platform called Google Sites (  Recently Google updated the platform to make website building much more intuitive and easy to use.  They call this new platform “Google Sites New”.  I guess not much thought went into it.

Google Sites New Recent Sites

Google Sites | Light Bulb Moment

While doing research for my Austin SEO Expert article, I came across a listing that was ranking on page one for the search term I was targeting.  I had sort of forgotten about Google’s site builder and it’s potential usefulness in ranking and getting name brand recognition for keywords.  The light bulb went off when I realized that the person was using Google Sites to target the key word phrase “Austin SEO Consultant” and managed to rank for the term “Austin SEO Expert” as seen below.

Google Sites Google SERP Listing

Google Sites SEO Keyword Trick

The Google Sites SEO Keyword Trick comes into play because you can create a website using your target keyword phrase.  In my example since I wanted to target Austin SEO Expert, I created a Google Sites website with that keyword phrase in the URL.

Google Sites | Austin SEO Expert

As far as setup is concerned, I only created 2 pages.  The Home page and the Contact page.  The links on the site point back to my HangTenSEO website.

You can have a website setup and ready to go in 10 minutes.  Google doesn’t charge you to create a site and there are no hosting fees.  I copied most of the content from my existing site and tweaked it a bit.

Not only will you create a secondary site, but you now have a site you can create backlinks from to your “Money” site.

Google Website Builder Observations

From what I am currently seeing in Google SERPs, Google appears to give websites created using Google Sites a bit more love and rank them higher than they should.

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