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The other day I found a Yelp SEO Google Listing Trick I wanted to share.

Recently I wrote an article on how I go about doing keyword research.  The keyword phrase that I ended up choosing was “Austin SEO Expert“.  As part of the my research I performed searches on the phrase “Austin SEO Expert” with various search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo and a few others.  I was looking to see what the competition was doing and how they were ranking for that particular phrase.

Yelp SEO Image Ranking Trick Austin Texas

Right below my Hang Ten SEO’s listing was a listing for the keyword phrase I was targeting and it was coming from Yelp.  Turns out that when you add images to your Yelp account, you can specify a photo caption and that is exactly what the company above did to one of their images.  In essence adding a target keyword phrase they hoped to rank for and it worked.  Google appears to actually rank Yelp photos based on their Photo Caption.

I decided to give it a try and do something similar.

Yelp SEO Google Listing Trick

Yelp SEO Google Listing Trick

Yelp Account For Hang Ten SEO

To Edit a Photo Caption do the follow

  • Log into your Yelp Account
  • Click on an image that has been added
  • Click on the Edit Photo Caption link
  • Type in Your specifically targeted keyword or phrase

To Add a Photo and a Caption do the following

  • Log into your Yelp Account
  • Add a picture by clicking the Add Photos button
  • Upload a photo
  • Add a Photo Caption using your specifically targeted keyword
  • Wait a few weeks to see if you’re website is ranking for that keyword.

You can check out Hang Ten SEO’s Yelp account to see how I used targeted keywords on the images.

Now it’s time to just sit back and see if it works.  I am pretty confident it will, so I will update this article when it does.