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I am a big fan of Youtube and using it for ranking videos and articles that I write.

For example, I just finished a new article on the Keywords “GoPro Hero 8 Black Rumors“. In conjunction with the article, I did a video with the same title.

This combination of doing an article and video really seems to help rank articles to the first page of Google.

Beyond that, sending backlinks to the article can really boost its rankings. So that is exactly what this article does.

You will notice above, I am linking to the article I wrote on, which will provide link juice to the article helping it rank higher.

Beyond that, I also make sure to include a link to the article in the Youtube Video Description.

The Youtube link doesn’t provide what’s called “Link Juice”, because it’s a no-follow link, but if the video goes viral, you will certainly get traffic going to your site. Increased traffic will result in increased ranking. Also if you mention the article or website in the video that will also provide potential traffic.

In the example above, the video I did has over 10K views and counting and certainly brings traffic to the website.

Today is July 15th, 2019 and at least right now if you google “GoPro Hero 8 Black Rumors”, you will see Gear Mashers is showing up in 2 locations. 4th position in Google’s 1st page and #1 in the videos slider.

This gives you 2 chances to get people to your article.

Those who are observant will also notice that the Gear Masher’s GoPro Hero 8 Black Rumors listing looks bigger than the others above it. I will go into detail about that soon. To give you a hint, it has to do with a new Yoast WordPress block. The larger listing pushes the competition below it down the page, so it could in fact also boost click-thru rate (CTR).