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Lately I have been really focusing on ranking in Google and have found several tricks people are using to rank their businesses.  One of the methods is a LinkedIn SEO Google Listing Trick.  When you sign up for a LinkedIn account, LinkedIn provides the ability to create Company pages.

LinkedIn SEO Google Listing Trick 2017

For example I was able to create a company page using the following URL and used the company name of Austin SEO Expert | Hang Ten SEO.

To Access the Create A Company Page

  • Log into your LinkedIn account
  • Click the upper right Work Icon
  • Click the Create A Company Page button

LinkedIn Create A Company Page

Once you click the Create a Company Page button, a screen will display saying Let’s set up your Company Page.

LinkedIn SEO Google Listing Trick 2017 Company Page

Most people of course will use this functionality as it was intended and create company pages for their businesses using their real business name, but what I have found is that there are people setting up bogus company names focusing on keywords they want to rank for in Google.  Sometimes they will just use the Keyword they want to rank for as the Company Name, sometimes they will use both a keyword and their company name.

In the example below you can see the company Merchandy has setup 5 LinkedIn company pages targeting the keyword phrase “Austin SEO Expert

LinkedIn SEO Search Engine Optimization Trick

My guess is they might have replicated this technique for other keywords as well.  Apparently Google hasn’t caught on to this tactic and ranks these pages pretty high.

The end result is their LinkedIn pages are now ranking Google (Page 1) for the term “Austin SEO Expert” and in fact are out ranking their actual website with a page targeting the same keyword.

LinkedIn Company Name SEO Method

At some point Google or LinkedIn might catch on to this tactic, but for now it appears to be one way to rank you brand and in some cases have multiple listings on page one of Google.

One thing I have noticed, which may help these LinkedIn accounts rank higher than other pages is when you add updates.  Each update starts off with, in this case the a link containing the keyword you are targeting.  As you can see below “Austin SEO Expert | Hang Ten SEO” shows up for each update.

LinkedIn SEO Google Listing Trick Updates

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